My favorite Snoop Dogg looks compilation

one of the greatest to ever do it. 


How I feel every time I have to leave my dog at home by Patrick Barnes

Lee Seunghoon’s fearless, flawless, fabulous, freestyle dance routine.


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)


Winner Talk in English -1-

SY : It’s our first time to perform in singapore. I’m really-really happy to meet singapore fans here. I love you singapore, thank you !

JW : What’s up singapore, I’m Jinwoo~ First of all I wanna say thank you to all our fans and audience in here. I love singapore~

SH : Yeah~~~ I’m winner’s rapper seunghoon we are finally here in singapore~! I promise we will do our best tonight. Thank you~

MH : Hey hey hey It’s minho What’s up?! It’s my honor to be here as a member of winner. So, Are you guys having fun? (Me too) Everybody make some noise

TH : Hey singapore I look forward to sing with you guys. Hi singapore i’m taehyun ~ let’s make a fantastic night today~!

So my phone wallpaper of Seungri helped me shake off a person who kept hitting on me
So my phone wallpaper of Seungri helped me shake off a person who kept hitting on me


So i’m a cashier at a home improvement store & I was ringing up a guy who kept asking if I had a boyfriend & if he could have my number while I was scanning his items. I told him I did (when I really didn’t). He kept saying I was lying & that if I did he probably wasn’t as good looking as…

"Even when you’re tired if you look at Mino hyung, you’ll just smile."
Taehyun on Naver Cast (via namsong)

just your typical winner self.

mino… you okay?


I was upset, and then delighted.

Bobby 가드 올리고 Bounce
가드 올리고 Bounce

guys, chill. really.

guys, chill. really.

congratulation bobby for winning on show me the money 3! \o/

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